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Huygens principle: exact and approximate wavefronts propagated through conic lenses

Maximino Avendaño-Alejo, M. Carmen López-Bautista, Luis Castañeda, and Samuel Maca-Garcia
Appl. Opt. 58(4) 939-947 (2019)

Effect of pump wavelength and temperature on the spectral performance of BAC-Al in bismuth-doped aluminosilicate fibers

Qiancheng Zhao, Yanhua Luo, Yutang Dai, and Gang-Ding Peng
Opt. Lett. 44(3) 634-637 (2019)

Paraxial focal length measurement method with a simple apparatus

Zhangji Lu and Lilong Cai
Opt. Express 27(3) 2044-2055 (2019)

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  1. Computational imaging enables a “see-through” lens-less camera
  2. Structured-light 3D surface imaging: a tutorial
  3. Linear programmable nanophotonic processors
  4. Near-field coupling of a levitated nanoparticle to a photonic crystal cavity
  5. Universal multimode waveguide crossing based on transformation optics
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Spotlight on Optics
Searching for evidence of optical rectification: optically induced nonlinear photovoltage in a capacitor configuration
Summary by Ingrid Wilke

Imagine tiny cubs full of energy. Such fluffy bundles of joy can be potentially realized by nanometer-sized capacitors...

Ultrafast Dy3+:fluoride fiber laser beyond 3 μm
Summary by James R. Taylor

With increasing interest in compact mid-infrared frequency comb sources for application in the ubiquitous molecular...

On-chip rotated polarization directional coupler fabricated by femtosecond laser direct writing
Summary by Francesco Morichetti

Another story written with a femtosecond laser pen
Femtosecond laser writing is a versatile and cost...

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