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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Chapter Update

Author: Fei Yuan

The Student Chapter of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) was created in 2011 by members of the Photoelectric Information Institute and since then, has inspired many students to get involved and follow the path of optics. Although it is young, it is growing very fast. In this interview, the chapter president, Fei Yuan , tells us about the origins of the chapter, their motivations and activities. It is obvious that the UESTC Student Chapter did a good job in the past year.

How did your student chapter start? What motivated you to create it?

After entering the School of Optoelectronic Information, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), we found a great academic atmosphere around it. Here, many people dedicate themselves to various optical scientific programs and technological projects. However, despite the fine researching conditions in the school, we still believe that without a professional scientific association, it would be less effective for us to hold academic activities, which are doubtlessly important constituents in our academia.

As is known to all, the Optical Society of America, namely OSA, stands for the highest level of the optical science and technology in contemporary world. The OSA members come from hundreds of countries and have been contributing to the global scientific progress for decades. Therefore, after considering this renowned association for months, we made a decision to found the Student Chapter of OSA in our university.

Before the foundation was established, there were several tasks in front of us. According to the related requirements, we had to find a professor to advise us. Fortunately, Professor LIU Yong took interest in that duty. Prof. Liu received his PhD degree from Eindhoven University of Technology and has a good reputation in the field of optical signal processing. With Prof. Liu's support, we had overcome lots of difficulties to apply for establishing the student chapter of OSA. Thanks to all the efforts we had made, we received the approval last October. Hence the 17th student chapter of OSA in China, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Student Chapter of the Optical Society of America (OSA & UESTC), was established on October 7th, 2011.

How did your student chapter grow?

The following tasks came to us soon after the foundation. As a formal academic organization, the chapter needs its own characteristics, including LOGO, signet, T-shirts and badges for the members as well. For several weeks, all the five members of us did these tasks separately, and ultimately finished them at a relatively economical cost. In addition, even before the foundation of our chapter, we had made an initiatory website for the dissemination. It generated a great deal of publicity and drew lots of attention. By this December, we had 50 members totally, making OSA@UESTC one of the middle-size chapters in China.

OSA@UESTC Student Chapter members meeting was held in the 229 conference room of the School of Optoelectronic Information, UESTC, on March 29th in the afternoon. All the members of the student chapter attended the meeting, chapter advisor Professor Liu Yong also attended and gave an impressive speech.

1st Meeting

The chapter president presided the meeting and introduced the history and development of the chapter to the attendees, followed by professor LIU Yong's congratulation speech. Professor Liu attached significant values to the establishment of the chapter, and expressed his wishes for students to enhance the academic atmosphere in the UESTC by the help of OSA and improve their own academic level. Then chapter officers and members made brief self-introduction, so that attendees gained deeper understanding of each other in a relaxed environment. Then the chapter president introduced the plan for events of this year. Finally, the meeting ended after the interactive session, in which members gave valuable suggestions for the development of the chapter. Here are some photos from OSA@UESTC.

Tell us about you. What kind of activities has your chapter done?

The fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow, and OSA Fellow, professor Jianping Yao from the University of Ottawa gave a wonderful lecture on "Microwave Photonics—Photonic Generation and Processing of Microwave Signals" by the invitation of the UESTC Student Chapter of OSA. Vice Deans of the School of Optoelectronic Information, Dr. Qi Qiu and Dr. Chunming Gao participated in the lecture, which was presided by professor Heping Li. More than 60 teachers and students attended the lecture, including a number of faculty and students Southwest Jiaotong University.

As the beginning, Professor Yao introduced the relevant concepts of microwave photonics, and then explained the technologies for generation and processing of microwave signals in the optical domain, starting by photonic generation of the microwave signals, ended with introducing novel research fields of Microwave Photonics, followed by his advice on learning and research in the field of microwave photonics.

Noble Prize winner, Professor Glauber gave us a lecture titled "Two Hundred Years of Light Waves; One Hundred Years of Light Quanta". He talked about the development history of Light. From his speaking, we understood many things we have ever learned in a brand new way. It was a rare opportunity for us to learn something from a Noble Prize Winner who has extraordinary experience.

It is a significant activity that some of our new OSA members are able to attend this kind of academic exchange conference. It accelerates our brand of OSA growing and making it prosperous.

To help chapter members get to know each other better the OSA of UESTC organized more than twenty new members to participate in the live CS team activities.

How do you see China now and within 5 years in the world of optics?

There has been a very interesting group of researchers in China who has worked in areas of applied and theoretical optics, and has been really active and on top of developments in theoretical itself. There are much more universities and institutions beginning to get into the research on optics. As China is eager to get a good place in this area, a large number of money has been invested to ensure the high growing speed. In five years, and with the early formation of a China Optical Society that will put together both industry and academia and allow the coordination of efforts in a more effective way, we expect to see the basis that will allow optics developed in China to have international relevance.

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