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1 November 2012, Volume 66, Issue 11, pp. 1249-1364   17 articles

Spectroscopists' Calendar

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 320A-322A (2012)  View: PDF

What's New 2012 Buyer's Guide

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 324A-326A (2012)  View: PDF

Applied Spectroscopy News

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 328A-330A (2012)  View: PDF

Nucleic Acid Fluorescent Probes for Biological Sensing

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1249-1262 (2012)  View: PDF

Deep-Ultraviolet (UV) Resonance Raman Spectroscopy as a Tool for Quality Control of Formulated Therapeutic Proteins

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1262-1268 (2012)  View: PDF

Multivariate Analysis of Micro-Raman Spectra of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Blends Using Principal Component Analysis and Principal Component Regression

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1269-1278 (2012)  View: PDF

Single-Pulse Standoff Raman Detection of Chemicals from 120 m Distance During Daytime

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1279-1285 (2012)  View: PDF

Evaluation of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for Measurement of Silica on Filter Samples of Coal Dust

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1286-1293 (2012)  View: PDF

Fast and Environmentally Friendly Quantitative Analysis of Active Agents in Anti-Diabetic Tablets by an Alternative Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Method and Comparison to a Validated Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (RP-HPLC) Method

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1294-1301 (2012)  View: PDF

Chemometric Method of Spectra Analysis Leading to Isolation of Lysozyme and CtDNA Spectra Affected by Osmolytes

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1302-1310 (2012)  View: PDF

Structure of Alkyne Monolayers on Hydrogen-Terminated Si(100) Surfaces Investigated by External Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1320-1325 (2012)  View: PDF

Automated Cosmic Spike Filter Optimized for Process Raman Spectroscopy

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1326-1333 (2012)  View: PDF

Semi-Blind Spectral Deconvolution with Adaptive Tikhonov Regularization

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1334-1346 (2012)  View: PDF

Composition Analysis of Scattering Liquids Based on Spatially Offset Visible-Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1347-1352 (2012)  View: PDF

Analysis and Classification of Heterogeneous Kidney Stones Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1353-1361 (2012)  View: PDF

Wavelength Anomalies in Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometry

Appl. Spectrosc. 66(11), 1362-1364 (2012)  View: PDF

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