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1 June 1994, Volume 48, Issue 6, pp. 649-768   22 articles

Electrospray Mass Spectrometry as a Technique for Elemental Analysis: Quantitative Aspects

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 649-654 (1994)  View: PDF

Determination of Solution Ions by Electrospray Mass Spectrometry

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 655-661 (1994)  View: PDF

FT-IR Studies of Weathering Effects in Western Redcedar and Southern Pine

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 662-668 (1994)  View: PDF

Analysis of Carbon Black-Filled Polymers by Vibrational Spectroscopy

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 669-673 (1994)  View: PDF

Spectroscopic Properties of WO3 Thin Films: Polarized FT-IR/ATR, X-ray Diffraction, and Electronic Absorption

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 674-677 (1994)  View: PDF

Investigation of Different Polymers as Coating Materials for IR/ATR Spectroscopic Trace Analysis of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Water

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 678-683 (1994)  View: PDF

Nanosecond Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy with a Dispersive Scanning Spectrometer

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 684-690 (1994)  View: PDF

Oxygen-18 Sulfate Isotopomers Monitored by Infrared Spectroscopy

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 691-694 (1994)  View: PDF

Approach to the Solution of Carbon Content Influence in the X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Ferromanganese

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 695-698 (1994)  View: PDF

FT-Raman Spectroscopy at 1.339 Micrometers

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 699-701 (1994)  View: PDF

Speciation of Ambient Sulfate Particulate Matter Using FT-IR-Based Absorption to Complement Wet Chemical and Thermal Speciation Measurements

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 706-712 (1994)  View: PDF

Electrothermal Atomization with Atomic Absorption at Reduced Pressures for Studies of Analyte Distribution in Solids

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 713-719 (1994)  View: PDF

Performance of a Spatial-Filter-Equipped Single Monochromator for Raman Spectroscopy

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 720-723 (1994)  View: PDF

Automated Detection of Acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, and Sulfur Hexafluoride by Direct Analysis of Fourier Transform Infrared Interferograms

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 724-732 (1994)  View: PDF

Disorder-Induced Low-Frequency Raman Band Observed in Deposited MoS2 Films

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 733-736 (1994)  View: PDF

Effect of the Slit Function of the Detection System and a Fast-Fitting Algorithm on Accuracy of CARS Temperature

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 737-741 (1994)  View: PDF

Background Correction Device for Enhanced Element-Selective Gas Chromatographic Detection by Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 742-746 (1994)  View: PDF

Effects of Heavy-Atom Salts on the Luminescence Properties of Tetrol I-1 on α-Cyclodextrin/Salt Matrices

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 747-754 (1994)  View: PDF

Generation of a New Spectral Format, the Lifetime Synchronous Spectrum (LiSS), Using Phase-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 755-760 (1994)  View: PDF

Fast-Clearing Spray Chamber for ICP-AES

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 761-765 (1994)  View: PDF

Reduction of Fused-Silica-Fiber Raman Backgrounds in High-Temperature Fiber-Optic Raman Spectroscopy via the Measurement of Anti-Stokes Raman Spectra

Appl. Spectrosc. 48(6), 766-768 (1994)  View: PDF

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