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Tailoring optical nonlinearities of LiNbO3 crystals by plasmonic silver nanoparticles for broadband saturable absorbers

Chi Pang, Rang Li, Yuxia Zhang, Ziqi Li, Ningning Dong, Liang Wu, Haohai Yu, Jun Wang, Feng Ren, and Feng Chen
Opt. Express 26(24) 31276-31289 (2018)

Dual-mode phase and fluorescence imaging with a confocal laser scanning microscope

Juanjuan Zheng, Chao Zuo, Peng Gao, and G. Ulrich Nienhaus
Opt. Lett. 43(22) 5689-5692 (2018)

Multi-MV/cm longitudinally polarized terahertz pulses from laser–thin foil interaction

Abel Woldegeorgis, Takayuki Kurihara, Mohammed Almassarani, Burgard Beleites, Ronny Grosse, Falk Ronneberger, and Amrutha Gopal
Optica 5(11) 1474-1477 (2018)

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Top Downloads for October 2018
  1. Observation of a single-beam gradient force optical trap for dielectric particles
  2. See-through holographic retinal projection display concept
  3. Free space laser telecommunication through fog
  4. Bioinspired polarization imager with high dynamic range
  5. Structured-light 3D surface imaging: a tutorial
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Spotlight on Optics
Single-shot nanosecond-resolution multiframe passive imaging by multiplexed structured image capture
Summary by Daniel Diaz and David W. Hahn

High-speed optical imaging is an essential technology in many scientific, medical, and industrial fields. Particularly,...

Optical spectrometer based on continuously-chirped guided mode resonance filter
Summary by Robert Magnusson

By cleverly applying the guided-mode resonance (GMR) effect, Hung and colleagues demonstrate a compact spectrometer...

Demonstration of longitudinally polarized optical needles
Summary by Peter Banzer

Optical needles, i.e., laterally highly confined optical fields with ultra-high depth-of-field, are considered as...

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